Promo Distributor eStore Prep Checklist

frustrated businesswoman.jpgScoping, preparing and responding to a Company eStore Program for a Client (Request for Quote) RFQ can seem daunting. The number 1 reality is you are not in this all by yourself. is here to assist.

There may be some areas of the RFQ which most Promotional Product Distributors may not be able to address. For example, Security and Server questions. Unless your Distributorship creates, maintains and hosts its own websites, it is diffcult to intelligently answer these questions. Or at the very least answer them to the satisfaction of your customer's IT Department. Also, most of your larger customers understand that an in house infrastructure is not practical for most Distributorships and will appreciate your foresite to hiring of a company like Uducat to handle this for you.

The team of Consultants, Programmers and Developers are here to assist; we want you to succeed. Several of our Distributor customers introduce us to their customers as their IT Department. In these cases we can, if you need, communicate directly with your customer's IT
Department and satisfy their security and server concerns. As a matter of fact, if you can not address your customer's security concerns you will probably not get the order to create their eStore program(s).

CheckList.jpgOver and above any security dialog we will also address the features and benefits of the RFQ. We assess and suggest ways inwhich our eStore Platform can best serve their needs.

There is less and less time that people are willing to spend to make a purchase, so we'll ensure that the process is quick and streamlined. 

To help make the process simpler and ensure that the entire project scope is taken into account, we have prepared a Checklist to help in project scoping. Please click the link below to view our helpful check list spreadsheet.

ChechList-Icon.png Download Scoping Spreadsheet