About Us


The Uducat.com Corporation has been an internet software provider since 1998 and, at that time, offered a proprietary website operating software called the UduAdmin, Site Manager. The UduAdmin allowed users the ability to manage their own eCommerce websites. Although this service is made available by several providers today, back in 1998 it was quite rare to be offered to the general public at affordable prices. Our UduAdmin, Site Manager provided website autonomy.

Uducat.com continues to develop its eCommerce offering with the use of the newest self manageable on-line software called The PromoBullit eStore Platform. The eStore Platform (The Platform) allows users to create and maintain several eCommerce websites with very little or no intervention from our programming and/or designer staff.

Uducat.com also offers a data base of approximately 250,000 promotional products. The promotional product industry use our database to display, source products and generate website quotation requests.

Uducat.com have several hundred customers who use our services in many different ways. Customers range from Billion Dollar organizations to smaller one and two person privately owned businesses. Some of the industries served are the Promotional Product Industry, Process Control, Manufacturing, Apparel, Banking, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Wholesale...etc.

During our tenure we've built thousands of websites and have been responsible for creating several other useful and innovative internet software packages.

Services, divisions and products provided by Uducat.com are:

  • Custom website design, development & hosting
  • Custom Integration with operating systems like SAP, Ariba, Oracle, Perfect Commerce (Hub Woo), Coupa, Business Vision...etc
  • PromoBullit-Promotional Product Database and website development and hosting
  • PromoBullit eStore Platform
  • Market Mash Magazine
  • Build Your Brand/L'image de Marque  eMagazines
  • Deals of the Week Newsletter
  • PromoBullit Team Building Series, Track Day Event
  • PromoBullit Team Building Series, Culinary Day Event