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The Uducat.com Corporation

Since 1998, Uducat.com has developed software and programs for organizations of all sizes. Uducat.com was one of the first organizations in North America to offer a website management tool and estore platform for Company Stores, Retail Stores or B2B stores.

We are experts in database management, website design and company stores. Our estore platform for Company Stores, Retail Stores and B2B stores provide customers with the tools to create and manage stores for employees, retail, B2B, uniform programs, years of service rewards, employee incentive programs and more. 

Our estore platform features a robust REST API that enables integration as well as specialized programs such as punch out catalogs, EDI integration and more.

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Build your Company Store, Retail Store, B2B store, Points Program, Employee Recognition Store, years of Service Store, Punch Out Store with the PromoBullit eStore Platform.

See a demo of a retail store built and hosted on our estore platform.


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