The Corporation

Since 1998, has developed software and programs for organizations of all sizes. was one of the first organizations in North America to offer a website manangement tool and eCommerce platform at an affordable entry cost. We are also experts in database management website design, creation and development. It's been our tradition to research, plan, execute & develop our own web frameworks using industry standard, enterprise-grade architectures such as ReST. This posture has allowed us to address all of our customers' technological needs. By controlling our own source code, we've had no 3rd party restrictions; allowing us the freedom to work with and accommodate all our customers needs. Feel free to peruse our website and contact us with your inquiries.

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With the experience of building thousands of eCommerce websites, we are confident to say there is no eStore too small or large for our eStore Platform.


The PromoBullit Engine connects seamlessly with your existing website design or can be incorporated into a website created by the Uducat design team.


PromoBullit is Canada finest Promotional Product Search Engine. Suppliers like including their products because, quite simply, they get results.


BuildYourBrand/L'image du Marque eMagazine is received and read by thousands of End Users every month.